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NAFD responds to HM Treasury proposals for regulation of funeral planning market

The NAFD welcomes the announcement by HM Treasury (1 June 2019) that it intends to introduce statutory regulation to the funeral planning market. Around 200,000 funeral plans are bought by consumers each year and, given the negative impact of poorly sold funeral plans on both bereaved people and funeral directors trying to service the plans, this move will help to protect consumers from unscrupulous sales tactics and ensure that consumers can feel confident they are purchasing funeral plans that will cover the cost of the funeral they have chosen.

It’s particularly important that the new regulatory framework, which the Treasury says will now be developed by the Financial Conduct Authority, is suitable and proportionate for what is a very small, niche market with a very different kind of product to other financial markets. In particular, the NAFD would like the framework to ensure that funeral plan companies:

  • communicate more clearly with the consumer regarding where and how funeral plan funds are invested;
  • are transparent regarding the value of any fees and sales commissions attached to the plan. This must include ensuring the consumer understands how much of their payment remains in the funeral plan after the deduction of commission and charges; and
  • inform funeral directors when a plan is being sold with their name against it as nominated funeral director. The funeral director must have an opportunity to agree the terms and their decision be confirmed to the family before the standard ‘cooling off’ period ends.

You can read the announcement by HM Treasury here.

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The CMA announces intention to hold a full market investigation into the funeral sector

The CMA announces intention to hold a full market investigation into the funeral sector

The NAFD has welcomed news that the Competition and Markets Authority intends to hold a full market investigation into the effectiveness of competition in the funerals sector.

You can read the information they have published today (28 March) by clicking here.

The NAFD has backed this proposal from the outset, having raised concerns that the initial six month market study only enabled the CMA to scratch the surface of the sector, leading it to overlook important evidence and drawing conclusions that were neither accurate nor reflective of the funerals sector as a whole.

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NAFD calls on the CMA to widen the scope of its proposed market investigation to include the sale and marketing of funeral plans

In a submission to the Competition and Markets Authority’s consultation on the scope of a funerals market investigation, the National Association of Funeral Directors has confirmed that, while it is pleased that the CMA is considering extending the scope to include the delivery of funeral services arising from the redemption of prepaid funeral plans, it would like to see the CMA go further and include all interactions between funeral plan vendors and consumers within the scope of the investigation.

In the response, submitted on 13 March 2019, the NAFD  agreed with the CMA’s preliminary view that the financial and prudential aspects of prepaid funeral plans (ensuring the financial stability of funeral plan providers) should not be included in the scope of the CMA’s investigation and should remain within the current HM Treasury review of whether the funeral plan market should be brought under the regulatory remit of the Financial Conduct Authority. This is because the financial and prudential operation of the funeral plan market bears significant resemblance to that of the wider financial services market.

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CMA consults on adding funeral plans to market investigation

CMA consults on adding funeral plans to market investigation

The NAFD is pleased to see the Competition and Markets Authority is consulting on whether a potential market investigation into the funeral sector should include services “supplied by funeral directors in the United Kingdom arising from the redemption of pre-paid funeral plans.” (Consultation on Scope of Market Investigation – published 28 February 2019).

This is something the NAFD and others have consistently called for as we believe it is not possible for the CMA to fully understand how consumers buy funeral services unless it considers the sector in its entirety.

We are pleased that the CMA team has listened to the concerns raised and look forward to responding to the consultation.

Read the case we made to the CMA here:

The NAFD confirms cross-sector support for statutory regulation

The NAFD confirms cross-sector support for statutory regulation

Members of the National Association of Funeral Directors, across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, have given their backing to tighter regulation of the funeral profession that will help them demonstrate the high quality and standards of care they offer to bereaved families and root out bad practice within the sector.

Almost 90%, from smallest independent family firms to large corporate businesses, told the NAFD they wanted to see tougher standards for inspections – with more than three quarters also wanting to see requirements placed on funeral directors to prove their fitness to practise, on a regular basis.

Two thirds said they want to see regulation having some kind of statutory (government) footing and it is notable that some of the smallest funeral firms (those arranging less than 500 funerals a year) are equally as supportive of tougher standards and a statutory approach as larger firms.

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Burial and cremation price rises generate £95m profit for councils

Burial and cremation price rises generate £95m profit for councils

In January, following Freedom of Information Requests to local councils, Royal London revealed that above-inflation increases in local authority cremation and burial fees has generated profits of almost £100 million for councils in the last year, with an average profit margin of more than 43%.

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NAFD meets with CMA to discuss interim report into the funeral sector

In December, the NAFD met with the Competition and Markets Authority to discuss publication of the CMA’s interim report and its consultation on the launch of a full market investigation.

The NAFD reiterated in the meeting that the Association and its members would like to see greater oversight of the funeral profession and that it welcomes discussions about improving transparency, identifying a consistent minimum set of industry standards and what kind of regulatory structure should be adopted.

However, the Association also made it clear that it does not accept many of the sweeping statements made about funeral directors in the report – as they simply do not tally with the evidence not only presented to, but also commissioned by, the CMA over the course of the Market Study.

As a consequence, the NAFD responded to the CMA’s consultation, which closed in early January, that it believes a full market investigation is necessary to ensure that the CMA is able to reach a greater understanding of what consumers want and how funeral directors operate.

The NAFD also sought reassurance about how the CMA will ensure balance and fairness during any market investigation.

The NAFD responds to the publication of the Competition and Markets Authority’s interim report

The National Association of Funeral Directors has welcomed publication of the Competition and Markets Authority’s interim report this morning, following its initial study of the funeral sector. As a building block to understanding how funeral firms of all shapes and sizes operate and how consumers want to arrange funerals, this report is an important first step. However, there are some conclusions made in this report which make it clear that the short six months the CMA has had to compile it has only allowed them to scratch the surface of the sector. The NAFD warmly welcomes the opportunity for further dialogue with the CMA, through the forthcoming consultation process, to help them get right to the heart of the funeral profession.

The NAFD’s members are united in their determination to arrange funerals which help bereaved families to come to terms with the loss of a loved one and, over the last few years, the vast majority have already taken important steps to make sure they are providing a greater range of choices, more easily accessible information and a wider range of funeral options. There is still much more to be done and the NAFD and its members are committed to learning as much from this opportunity to analyse the sector as possible, and to responding openly to the challenges laid at its door in this initial report.

Equally, as a report which is primarily concerned with pricing and competition considerations, the NAFD believes strongly that these findings should not be seen as any reflection on the high operational standards delivered by the NAFD’s members, nor the tireless work of thousands of compassionate and capable funeral directors and arrangers across the UK who, according to the CMA’s own consumer research, are highly valued for the way they support and care for bereaved people through one of life’s most traumatic events.

NAFD responds to three-year delay on EU formaldehyde ban

Visiting a deceased loved one in the chapel of rest can understandably be a distressing experience for some people. However it can also be comforting, and it is proven to be an important part of the grieving process.

Even with refrigeration, the human body will begin to deteriorate significantly within a couple of days and so embalming plays an important role in helping families to come to terms with loss by enabling them to see their loved one, in death, without this deterioration causing even more distress. Currently, only embalming using formalin (the liquid version of formaldehyde) is able to achieve this. The funeral director is able to present the deceased person at peace and as close to their appearance before death as possible; particularly where there has been a postmortem examination, or traumatic death – or to accommodate the average two to three week gap between death and the funeral due to delays in the process of obtaining the necessary paperwork required to release the body. Funeral directors would never embalm a case without the express consent of the family and it could take another day or two to obtain that too.  Often embalming is therefore restorative as much as it is preservative.

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