The NAFD has welcomed the results of new research by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) highlighting that the overwhelming priority when choosing a funeral was to follow the wishes of the deceased person.

Funeral directors were chosen on locality and previous experience, the CMA Funerals Market Study research report said, while the end cost of the funeral was broadly the same as had been envisaged at the start.

While most people did not shop around, the report said that “a typical face-to-face meeting reassured respondents that they had made the right choice of provider” and “that funeral directors explained available options and associated costs well.”

The CMA commissioned the research, in the summer, from Research Works and Ipsos MORI to “understand the behaviour, experiences and decision-making of people who had recently engaged the services of a funeral director.”

Abi Pattenden, President of the NAFD, said: “The findings in this report underline that the decisions people make over a funeral is driven largely by what their loved one wants and by what is convenient in their local area, rather than the perception that it is all about cost and nothing else.

“It is also heartening to see that a traditional face-to-face meeting gives people confidence in the trustworthiness of their funeral director.

“The findings of the report tally with a lot of our own research and that of others, and it is good to see evidence of consistency in respect of surveys into people’s attitudes towards funerals.”

The research report forms part of the CMA’s wider review of the funeral market. Click below to view the findings:

Research Works qualitative research 
Ipsos MORI quantitative research 
Ipsos MORI technical report