UK funeral firm membership

Amend initial paras to: The National Association of Funeral Directors offers the best benefits package by far within the industry, but now those benefits have been proven to offer a significant financial advantage to members.

The NAFD is the only trade association in the sector that offers £5m professional indemnity cover for each UK funeral home member company. For the majority of members, this benefit is worth more than the cost of their membership subscription on its own. For example, if purchased individually by a firm with a turnover of £5,000, the cost would be in excess of £1,500. For a turnover of £250,000, this would be £1,800 or £2,385 for a turnover of £500,000.

In addition, for most members the legal expenses cover represents a very important resource that they do not have to fund themselves and, again, the cost for members to individually purchase this type of cover themselves would be at least £700.

The National Association of Funeral Directors offers the best benefits package by far within the industry, but now those benefits have been proven to offer a significant financial advantage to members..

Here is a selection of the other benefits of which Members can take advantage:

  • AUTOMATIC FREE legal cover in respect of employment claims up to £150,000
  • AUTOMATIC FREE legal cover in respect of health and safety prosecution up to £150,000
  • AUTOMATIC FREE financial support to cover HMRC and VAT investigations up to £150,000
  • AUTOMATIC ACCESS to a range of FREE business support helplines, including financial, legal and employment law, HR & repatriation
  • FREE PR Handbook and helpline
  • Access to the NAFD Energy Club – saving thousands of pounds on your business energy bills
  • NAFD Fast Track Debt recovery service
  • Outstanding professional qualifications, backed by respected academic bodies
  • A robust, client-facing Code of Practice and independent Funeral Arbitration Scheme
  • Exclusive negotiated rates on everything from website design and new vehicles to telecoms
  • Lowest card payment rates in the sector
  • Award-winning monthly magazine, the Funeral Director Monthly and monthly e-newsletter

As well as these operational business benefits, the NAFD’s size gives the Association a respected voice at the highest levels of Government, with the media and to your clients.

The NAFD is independent of any single funding body and campaigns on issues affecting all members equally.

What does being a member involve?

The conditions of membership are not onerous on any self respecting funeral directing business. The high standards and conditions attained and maintained by member firms are exactly those that reflect good professional practice expected by their clients.For this reason we do not levy a joining fee on applicants, preferring instead to qualify members on their standards of client service.

When applying, you will be required to submit supporting information, such as relevant previous and current experience, qualifications held and evidence that the business has been trading (open) for at least six months and/or has conducted a minimum of ten funerals since trading commenced, whichever comes first. NB: for firms where the owner is a holder of the NAFD Diploma in Funeral Directing, or a funeral-directing vocational qualification, there is no minimum trading period but the business must be open and trading.

As it is a requirement that NAFD members provide adequate premises to enable them to properly conduct their business, part of the application process will involve a pre-arranged inspection of your premises by one of the Association’s Standards & Quality Managers.

In addition, should no senior member of your firm hold the NAFD Diploma in Funeral Directing, the Standards & Quality Manager will conduct an oral test and mock interview to confirm your competence in, and knowledge of, the funeral profession – including the provision of estimates, price lists and, in all other respects, compliance with the NAFD Code of Practice and Code of Professional Standards.

Once accepted, you will be randomly re-inspected at the end of the first six months of membership, and every two years thereafter. You will be required to comply with the NAFD Code of Practice, the NAFD Code of Professional Standards and to abide by the Rules of the Funeral Arbitration Scheme, all of which exist to protect the funeral director and their clients.


Supporting documentation required with your application form

Details of supporting documentation required is included in the membership application pack.

No money is required with your application as, once your application has proved successful, you will be advised of the pro rata’d amount due to cover your subscription for the remainder of the calendar year.