My Funeral Wishes

Thinking ahead to your funeral

Not thought ahead to your own funeral? You’re not alone.

A 2016 survey of Britons by polling company YouGov found that, even though Britons say they feel increasingly comfortable talking about death and dying, a surprising 14% of Britons say that nothing would prompt them to think about their own funeral and nearly half (48%) would only be prompted to turn their attention to it when someone close to them had died.

However, this leaves the majority of families without anything to work from when they are planning the funeral of someone close to them.

Not wanting to talk about the death of a loved one or your own funeral is understandable, but it brings with it considerable distress for the family when the time does come, whether that’s uncertainty as to what the person who has died would have wanted, family friction over what kind of funeral it will be or concerns over how much to spend.

Our guide to starting the conversation

It can be tricky to get the conversation started – but our guide to setting out your funeral wishes can really help. To download a copy please click here.

My Funeral Wishes leaflet

The NAFD has teamed up with Dying Matters to launch My Funeral Wishes, a simple leaflet which encourages people to talk to their loved ones about their final wishes and record them, however informally, as a record for the future.

To find out more and download a copy of My Funeral Wishes please click here.