Buying a pre-paid funeral plan

Planning your funeral now may be the last thing that you want to be thinking about but, when the inevitable happens, some planning in advance can help to ease the emotional and financial strain on friends, family and loved ones at a very difficult time.

The National Association of Funeral Directors believes that funeral plans have an important role to play in terms of helping people to not only plan for and off-set the cost of their funeral, but also to remove some of the uncertainty and distress for families in knowing that they are arranging the funeral that the person who died would have wanted.

Funeral plans come in different shapes and sizes, just like all financial products and it’s important to choose one that’s right for you. Below is our guide to some of the steps you might wish to take when buying a funeral plan.

Five important steps

  • Talk to those closest to you. Talk about what kind of funeral you would like for yourself. This will ease their uncertainty when the time comes. Explain that you are considering taking out a funeral plan as it will be important for them to know this information, and tell them where they will be able to find the plan, when the time comes.
  • Talk to a funeral director. The NAFD strongly advises the public to talk directly to funeral directors about their funeral plan needs. NAFD members will provide you with a transparent price list to take away. You can even choose to specify a particular funeral director, when taking out your plan, if you find one you feel comfortable with. Be wary of websites offering cheap deals. Here’s why.


  • Research funeral plan providers. As with any financial purchase, do your research to reassure yourself that you are choosing a provider that’s right for you.
  • Be Inquisitive. Ask question of the funeral plan provider. Questions should include: are they registered with the Funeral Planning Authority? Where will your funds be invested? Are there management charges or other deductions by the plan seller? Will the plan provider will inform your chosen funeral director that they have been nominated and is the product guaranteed to cover the full cost of the funeral at the time of need or is there a chance there may be a shortfall?
  • Take your time. Do not feel under any pressure to make a decision, until you are satisfied with the answers to your questions and that you have all the information you need to make a decision. Once you’ve chosen a plan, don’t forget to leave the details with your Will, or tell someone close to you where to find it.

As with any financial purchase, do your research to reassure yourself that you are choosing a provider that’s right for you. Funeral planning firms are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, however some funeral planning companies volunteer to be self-regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority.  Find out more on their website:

For more information, you can download our guide to buying a funeral plan here.