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Channel 5 Hunted & Confronted: The NAFD’s five step guide to buying a funeral plan

Following the broadcast of tonight’s Hunted and Confronted programme on Channel 5, in which an independent funeral plan sales representative went ‘off script’ and appeared to put pressure on an elderly lady to buy a plan which might not have met all of her needs, the NAFD would like to draw attention to its Five Step Guide to Buying a Funeral Plan.

The National Association of Funeral Directors believes that funeral plans can have an important role to play in terms of helping people to not only plan for and off-set the cost of their funeral, but also to remove some of the uncertainty and distress for families in knowing that they are arranging the funeral that their loved one would have wanted. However it is important to ensure the plan you buy is right for you and will cover what you need it to when the time comes.

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Is the UK ready for open funeral pyres?

Is the UK ready for open funeral pyres?

The battle to introduce open-air funeral pyres in the UK is heating up again after a council was challenged to provide a facility to meet the religious beliefs of local people. In 2010, the Court of Appeal ruled that open cremations were legal in England and Wales as long as they met a strict set of criteria. Now a council in the north east of England is being challenged to provide a facility, or at least grant planning permission to allow one to be built.

In the latest round of a long-running battle with his local authority, Davender Ghai, a devout Hindu, said he would be stepping up his campaign, which first began in 2006. The 80-year-old believes there should be a dedicated site for open-air cremations for the Hindu community and anyone of any faith or background who would wish to use it.

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Celebrating female funeral directors on International Women’s Day

Celebrating female funeral directors on International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day (8 March 2018) and the National Association of Funeral Directors would like to take this opportunity to recognise the dedication of thousands of female funeral directors and arrangers across the UK and our colleagues across the rest of the world, who are caring for families and those they’ve lost, day-in-day-out.

Once a rarity in what was previously a traditionally male-dominated profession, female funeral directors now stand shoulder to shoulder with their male colleagues, across the country, working together to help families say farewell to those that have died.

We’d also like to take this opportunity celebrate the leadership of NAFD President Alison Crake and Vice President, Abi Pattenden, who will succeed Alison in May. Alison is a funeral director on Teesside who also chairs our Board of Education and Abi is a funeral director in Sussex who chairs the Association’s Membership Committee. It’s the very first time that we’ve had two female presidents in a row, in 112-years of the Association’s history, may there be many more in the future!

Many congratulations also to Jenny Gilbert, of AJ Adkinson in Leicestershire, who was recently elected Midlands Area President of the NAFD.

We’re recruiting for a Standards and Quality Manager, North of England & Northern Ireland (field-based)

  • c£30,000 per annum + company car.
  • Full time

The National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD), which represents the interests of the funeral profession, has an opportunity for a dynamic individual to take on the crucial role of Standards and Quality Manager covering the north of England and Northern Ireland.

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Key positions on National Funeral Exhibition 2019 floor plan being snapped up

Key positions on National Funeral Exhibition 2019 floor plan being snapped up

Have you secured your space yet?

The National Funeral Exhibition 2019 (NFE) is still 15 months away, yet prime spots on the floorplan have already been secured by high profile exhibitors such as Wilcox, Lyn Oakes, JC Atkinson and many others. More than 40 major exhibitors have already agreed space at the show, with a host of enquiries every day adding to that number. The show is expected to top the 200 exhibitors attracted to the 2017 event.

There are ‘early bird’ discounts available for firms that secure their space in 2018, and a range of other special offers available too so, if you’re thinking of bringing your business to NFE 2019, contact the show team as soon as possible to make sure you get the space you want.

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Councils tax grieving families to balance their books

A survey of local authorities out today (8 February 2018) by the LGiU think tank and The Municipal Journal has revealed the extent of the pressure local councils are under to balance their books and the degree to which this is leading them to levy additional charges on local communities. The 2018 State of Local Government Finance report highlights how councils are not only intending to increase council tax, but are also draining their reserves and looking for additional ways to increase charges to residents too.

A target for these rises is often bereaved people. In recent years the National Association of Funeral Directors has seen countless examples of local authorities introducing double above-inflation (and often double digit) rises for burials and cremations as well as introducing fines for late running funerals and excess charges for out-of-area funerals.

In fact these kinds of third party charges now account for a third of all funeral costs and are the fastest rising cost connected to a funeral. In 2017, both burial and cremation fees attracted above-inflation price rises (Royal London reported burial fees up by an average of 3.5% for residents and 5.3% for non-residents and cremation fees up by 5.4% in September 2017).

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Meet the ‘Youngertakers’ –  the future of the funeral profession

Meet the ‘Youngertakers’ – the future of the funeral profession

The NAFD worked BBC Newsbeat journalist Ben Mundy, over several months, to create a documentary about young people entering the funeral profession and the realities of their job, caring for people that have died and their families.

The documentary follows the work of apprentices Ben and Ellie, both 17, who work for AW Lymn – the Family Funeral Service in Nottingham; Sam, 20, who works for Homeland International, part of CPJ Field in Sussex; and Luke, who has recently opened his own funeral business in Sheerness, Kent, at the age of 25.

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Planned changes to the Social Fund Funeral Payment don’t go far enough

The National Association of Funeral Directors has welcomed the Government’s announcement of plans to simplify the process for making claims under the Social Fund Funeral Expenses Payments scheme, but remains concerned that the changes don’t go far enough in addressing some of the benefit’s biggest frailties.

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Develop your professional skills in 2018

Why not add an NAFD qualification to your professional achievements in 2018? The Association’s two Diploma courses provide comprehensive training for funeral service professionals and are considered the gold standard qualifications for the sector.

The Diploma in Funeral Arranging & Administration (Dip FAA) and the Diploma in Funeral Directing (Dip FD) are studied for across a period of between 9-15 months (dependent upon the qualification) and are delivered by a team of highly qualified NAFD approved tutors and assessed by the NAFD Board of Examiners.

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NAFD shares concerns about hospice franchise funeral business

In November, St. Margaret’s Hospice in Somerset launched a new funeral service in Taunton, in what it termed ‘a natural extension of its end of life care’ but, subsequently, was revealed to be part of a new commercial franchise business opportunity.

In its initial response, the NAFD highlighted how closely funeral directors work with hospices across the UK and support them with fundraising, often in discreet ways to avoid upsetting or offending anyone dealing with a terminal illness. The Association also observed that some hospices have rejected fundraising or donations from funeral homes, to avoid giving the impression of any connection or obligation to their clients  – and the NAFD noted the apparent irony of a hospice now deciding to bypass these kinds of concerns and set up its own funeral service.

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