The National Association of Funeral Directors Autumn General Meeting 2018

Fit for the future!

The NAFD Autumn General Meeting is one of high importance to the Association with many high level and business critical topics discussed.  The 2018 meeting was no different with the focus settling on changing the Associations Governance.  A brief synopsis of the days events is below:

The NAFD votes for historic governance change at the 2018 Autumn General Meeting

On a beautiful Autumnal morning at Coombe Abbey in Warwickshire, NAFD President Abi Pattenden welcomed members from as far afield as Penzance, Cornwall and Falkirk, Scotland, to the 2018 NAFD Autumn General Meeting.  The 2018 Autumn Genreal Meeting was sponsored by Funeral Products.

The NAFD’s future Governance

After a business led morning where various Committee members reported on their activities over the past few months and the plans for the future, attention turned to the future governance structure of the Association.  Immediate Past President Alison Crake, who had led the Association’s work in this area during 2018, presented an outline of the proposals that were described in the September edition of this magazine.

Outlining the need for change, Alison stressed that this didn’t mean abandoning 113 years of history:

“We have been the voice of the funeral profession for more than a century.  We are a group of diverse businesses, who share a unity of purpose and a commitment to bereaved people, and who come together for the good of the profession.  We are continuously evolving to match changing needs of bereaved families and the NAFD needs to evolve too, to ensure it is able to deliver what you need as members.  However, like you the NAFD will never lose sight of its traditions.  We make sure we are fit for the future but we still don the same top hat and tails, and lead funerals in our communities as has been the case for generations.  That balance is what we are seeking to strike today for the Association.”

Ms Crake reiterated the key points about the Association’s governance discussed at previous General Meetings and, recently, in FDM.  She reminded members that, although adequately functional on a day-to-day basis, the NAFD’s governance arrangements were overdue a major restructure to ensure the Association was fighting fit for the future.  As the Association’s role became ever more critical in a rapidly changing economic, cultural and regulatory environment, its structure was becoming increasingly inflexible and, in some aspects, was now inadequate and actually could render its members vulnerable.

Honorary Treasurer Marcus Wilkinson concluded: “There is no change to your rights as a members, it is simply a limiting of your personal liability.  Once you understand that, it makes the need to do this and proposed path very straight forward.”

Resolutions and voting

The resolutions, which were voted on en bloc, were carried unanimously with no abstentions and no votes against.  The work now gets underway to translate the Rules of the Association into Articles of Association and oversee the step sequence to make these changes a reality.

Be involved in the 2019 Autumn General Meeting.  A date and location will be released shortly.