Certainty the National Will Register

Not being able to find a Will, or a concern that you have an old or outdated Will, can be distressing, particularly if you are unsure of your loved one’s wishes.

Did you know that:-

  • Many people include their wishes for their own funeral arrangements in their Will;
  • 67% of people do not know where their parents’ Wills are located;
  • In the UK there are more than 300,000 intestacies every year because a Will cannot be found or is presumed never written.

Certainty ‘Will Search’

Certainty ‘Will Search’ is used by the legal profession, charities, insurance companies and financial institutions. Certainty searches the Will Register and, if a Will is not found, it will issue a formal missing Will search notice to solicitors in the areas where your loved one was most likely to have made their Will, for example where they lived and worked.

NAFD is pleased to be able to make Certainty Will search available, please visit their website for more information by following the link below: