Funeral Arbitration Scheme

The vast majority of the funerals undertaken by NAFD member firms every year are completed to the satisfaction of the family concerned. On rare occasions, however, situations can arise where a client may feel unhappy regarding an aspect of the service provided and, in these situations, the NAFD is here to help.

The NAFD takes any complaint against a member firm seriously and always investigates. If the complaint is upheld then we have a variety of sanctions that we can enforce.

However, we are keen, where possible, to seek resolution on both sides. The Funeral Arbitration Scheme is an independent conciliation and arbitration scheme designed to resolve complaints from clients relating to NAFD member funeral firms.

Funeral Arbitration Scheme

In conjunction with IDRS Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution – an independent organisation offering conciliation and arbitration for the purpose of resolving disputes – the Funeral Arbitration Scheme provides a simple process in three easy-to-follow stages, offering conciliation and arbitration for the purpose of resolving disputes.

As a condition of membership of the National Association of Funeral Directors, funeral firms are not only bound by the terms of the Association’s Code of Practice, but are also required to comply with a client’s wishes to proceed to conciliation or arbitration under the Scheme and to abide by its rulings.

Funeral Arbitration Scheme Leaflet