In December, the NAFD met with the Competition and Markets Authority to discuss publication of the CMA’s interim report and its consultation on the launch of a full market investigation.

The NAFD reiterated in the meeting that the Association and its members would like to see greater oversight of the funeral profession and that it welcomes discussions about improving transparency, identifying a consistent minimum set of industry standards and what kind of regulatory structure should be adopted.

However, the Association also made it clear that it does not accept many of the sweeping statements made about funeral directors in the report – as they simply do not tally with the evidence not only presented to, but also commissioned by, the CMA over the course of the Market Study.

As a consequence, the NAFD responded to the CMA’s consultation, which closed in early January, that it believes a full market investigation is necessary to ensure that the CMA is able to reach a greater understanding of what consumers want and how funeral directors operate.

The NAFD also sought reassurance about how the CMA will ensure balance and fairness during any market investigation.