The NAFD welcomes anything which helps the funeral profession to provide the best possible care for bereaved families.

A new report, commissioned by Dignity, makes a useful contribution to the wider debate about how we make certain that all funeral directors can be properly assessed for their operational standards, not just those firms which currently abide by a Code of Practice and are regularly inspected, which all NAFD members are.

Graham Lymn, Chief Executive of the National Association of Funeral Directors, said: “Any evidence of poor practice is clearly unacceptable, and it is important for the public to be reassured that the vast majority of funerals are conducted to high standards and the satisfaction of the bereaved family.

“The NAFD represents thousands of funeral homes across the UK and members are subject to regular standards inspections, as well as having to abide by the Association’s Code of Professional Standards and Code of Practice. Members have a very high compliance rate and the public should feel confident that in choosing an NAFD member, they are picking a business which has high standards at its heart.”

As Dignity’s research has found, only 4% of bereaved families say they were not satisfied with the services of their funeral director – a consistent finding with YouGov’s (June 2018) survey of people with recent experience of organising a funeral. This is encouraging and a testament to the 22,000 people employed by the UK funeral profession who work hard to care for bereaved families and their loved ones.

Nevertheless, even just one unhappy family is one too many and that is why the NAFD’s independent complaints and arbitration service provides an important safety net for those who do wish to make a complaint.

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