The NAFD has welcomed the announcements, this morning, of a HM Treasury consultation regarding changes to the regulation of pre-paid funeral plans and a Competition & Markets Authority investigation into whether the information provided by funeral directors on prices and services is clear enough for people to be able to choose the best option for them.

The NAFD has been encouraging greater visibility of pricing for several years, with a significant number of NAFD members now publishing their prices online. At the recent NAFD Conference in Durham, the Association announced the development of a new website for the public, set to be launched in July, on which NAFD funeral directors will be encouraged to publish service and pricing information.

The Association has an ongoing dialogue with the Competitions & Markets Authority and we are pleased to see that key points we have raised with them are reflected in their announcement. The Association has also called for tighter regulation of funeral plan sales and recently wrote to Treasury Minister John Glen setting out its concerns.

We are studying today’s announcements carefully. We have been invited, and look forward to, participating in the consultation process.