A new report, highlighted in today’s Daily Mail (How cheap funeral plans flogged online leave families facing a nasty bill), has highlighted concerns, shared by the National Association of Funeral Directors, about the pressure selling tactics of sales agents acting for less scrupulous funeral plan providers.

Funeral plans can provide peace of mind to families that funeral costs will be taken care of, when the time comes – and there are many excellent funeral plans available to buy from highly reputable firms. However, the NAFD has been concerned, for some time, that agents acting for less scrupulous funeral plan companies are subjecting vulnerable people to pressure selling tactics and, in some cases, funeral plans are being sold that will not adequately cover the costs of the chosen funeral.

The NAFD strongly advises the public to talk directly to funeral directors about their funeral plan needs – and to check that any funeral plan provider they are considering abides by the Funeral Planning Authority’s standards and scrutiny requirements.

Although the NAFD is not involved in the regulation of funeral plans, since 2016 we have called for greater regulation of funeral plan companies and, in particular, highlighted concerns about the use of third party sales agents. The NAFD shared its concerns and offered advice to the public, to the Daily Mail, and is disappointed that the information was not used in the article.

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