A skilled workforce is central to the success of any business. Having those skills widely-recognised can also be of benefit, helping to grow the business and building a strong, positive reputation. Achieving a professional qualification gives employees the confidence and credibility that they know what they can do, and how well they do it.

To the communities that members serve, investing in qualifications highlights that the business is investing in its staff, raising standards and ensuring that the service that offered is the best it can be. This helps provide a competitive advantage and a strong employer brand, which in turn is attractive when it comes to recruitment.

One of the most effective ways to help your staff become professionally qualified is by registering for an NAFD qualification.

As the profession prepares for the regulation of the industry in Scotland and welcomes the introduction of new Occupational Standards, the education team of the Association is at the forefront of the changes taking place.

Occupational Standards consist of a series of statements used to underpin the standards of performance that individuals must achieve when carrying out functions in the workplace. Occupational Standards within the funeral industry have recently undergone a review in line with current working practices, which has resulted in the publication of a series of 30 core standards required of employees responsible for a range of tasks, within in a funeral business.

This work has been done in conjunction with People 1st, an organisation with over 50 years’ experience working across a range of sectors to devise occupational standards that reflect the knowledge, performance and skills required of people working in the sector.
The NAFD is now working with cross-sector representatives towards a common goal of updating training provision aligned to the national occupational standards, to ensure training and education reflects the needs of a client-centred profession.

Angela Allen, NAFD Education Manager would be delighted to discuss the needs of any NAFD member firm in terms of NAFD Qualifications and or updated training provision aligned to the new Occupational Standards. Please contact Angela on 0121 711 1343 Ext 1012 or angela@nafd.org.uk.