Following success in re-establishing the Manchester & District Local Association, which is now an active and healthy group with a clear forward plan, NAFD second Vice President David Barrington represented the Association at the June meeting of the association, updating the group about the work of the NAFD’s National Executive committee.

The NAFD is also delighted to report that the Cheshire, Wirral and North Wales Area Federation has met again after many years of being inactive. An informal meeting took place at the Ramada Plaza Wrexham in July. The aim of the event was to establish a way forward and revive local NAFD representation in this part of England and Wales. The NAFD team is very mindful of the large distance covered by the Cheshire, Wirral and North Wales Area Federation. As such we are facilitating a discussion about creating new Area Federations in order to make meetings more convenient and accessible.

Going forward, the NAFD team in Solihull will be working with new Northern Ireland Area Federation President Gary Haire on revival of the local association structure in Northern Ireland. National Office has also progressed conversations with the currently inactive Oxfordshire Local Association members, with a view to reviving local representation. A number of very eager members have stepped forward and are keen to help progress this work.