The National Association of Funeral Directors has today warmly welcomed the appointment of Natalie McKail as the first ever Inspector of Funeral Directors in Scotland.

Mandie Lavin, Chief Executive of the NAFD, members of which carry out 80% of funerals in the UK, said Miss McKail’s appointment would “help keep standards high and strengthen public confidence” in the profession.

The NAFD has been working closely with Scottish Government ministers over the future of the profession, including the introduction of regulation, and has worked alongside Miss McKail as part of the National Committee on Infant Cremation.

At a recent conference it organised in Stirling, members of the NAFD and SAIF, the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors, overwhelmingly supported the introduction of an Inspector as being in the public interest.

Miss Lavin said: “The NAFD warmly welcomes Natalie to the role of Inspector of Funeral Directors, and looks forward to working closely with her, as we have done with Government, to help shape the future of the profession in Scotland.

“We believe appointing an Inspector of Funeral Directors is in the public interest and believe Natalie’s appointment will help keep standards high in the profession, as well as strengthen public confidence, and we look forward to forming a close working relationship and bringing her up to speed with all the issues affecting the funeral profession.”