NAFD First Vice President Jeremy Field was interviewed for BBC Breakfast this morning on the lack of proper Government support for those struggling to pay for the funeral of a loved one.

The Association has welcomed the news today (1 December 2015) of a Work and Pensions Select Committee inquiry into bereavement benefits including the Social Fund.

The NAFD has long campaigned for change, believing that Government support for those unable to afford the funeral of a loved one is inadequate and in urgent need of reform.

Tens of thousands of applicants are rejected each year but because, on average, it takes 18 days to process them so the funeral has almost always already taken place before the family know if they will receive support.

Research amongst our 3,800 members suggests the system is failing to meet the needs of tens of thousands of eligible applicants and is also leaving funeral directors with increasingly levels of unpaid debt.

The NAFD continues to campaign for a comprehensive overhaul of the benefit to ensure that it is fairer and more responsive to those who need it.