Any loss is tragic but especially that of a child. The NAFD is often asked what support is out there for families in the event of the death of their child – particularly in respect of costs and this is a subject that has come to the fore again this week following the sad death of Conley Thompson, in Barnsley, and the local community fundraising efforts to help his family to cover the costs of his funeral.

Although at the discretion of each individual company, many NAFD member funeral directors do not charge their normal fees when entrusted with funeral arrangements for a child and will actively encourage the other organisations involved to minimise or waive their costs also – although these remain outside the funeral directors’ direct control.

The Child Funeral Charity also exists to support families who may need help in meeting the costs of a funeral. You can find out more here: There are a number of charities who support familes following the loss of a child such as Child Bereavement UK.

The National Association of Funeral Directors is also able to signpost families to other forms of support, including counselling services and to recommend a local funeral director.