“My father has always told me, just as his father and grandfather told him, that you care for a family as if it was your own family…to that family it is THE funeral, it’s not just another funeral.” (Paul Cuthell, Thomas Cuthell & Sons, Falkirk)

The National Association of Funeral Directors has launched The NAFD Funeral Promise, which outlines the high standards that bereaved families should expect from a funeral director.

The NAFD has set high standards for funeral firms to maintain for more than 100 years. These standards are set out in a Code of Practice, available to the public in all NAFD member funeral homes, as well as a Code of Professional Standards which guide funeral directors to ensure bereaved families, and the loved ones in their care, receive the best possible care.

 The NAFD Funeral Promise

All NAFD members abide by The NAFD Funeral Promise. In choosing an NAFD member firm you can be assured of:


The funeral will be a fitting farewell to your loved one, at a price you are comfortable with.

Respect and Integrity

The funeral director will treat you and your loved one with respect, at all times, and will act with integrity.

Attention to detail

The funeral director will seek to fulfil any special wishes and requests.


You have a right to independent redress should the need arise.


Alan Slater MBE, Chief Executive Officer of the National Association of Funeral Directors, said: “The NAFD Funeral Promise sets out, in simple terms, what bereaved families should expect from a funeral firm.

“The NAFD has a reputation for expecting high standards from its members and the NAFD logo can be seen by the public like a kite mark, indicating that a firm is committed to high levels of professionalism and integrity. Prior to joining the Association, funeral directors are required to undergo inspections and provide evidence of its experience and ability to meet these standards and the Association is unafraid to be tough on any member that fails to uphold them. Investigations are carried out and, whilst our preference is always to work with the profession to raise standards, firms can be fined and expelled from membership if necessary.  

“We would advise members of the public who have suffered a bereavement to look for the NAFD logo on a firm’s window or search for their nearest NAFD member on our website, www.nafd.org.uk, and trust in our members to care for them and their lost loved one.”

A video, explaining more about what the NAFD Funeral Promise means in practice and including interviews with funeral directors from across the UK, has been launched: