27th September 2014

The NAFD calls upon The Secretary of State for Local Communities to be as worried about local authorities reaping too much money from the bereaved as he is about councils’ “over-zealous and unfair” approach to drivers.
A survey today (Friday 27th September) by BBC local radio has revealed that many cemeteries will be full within 10-20 years.

Indeed it is this shortage of space in local authority burial grounds that is a key factor behind the dramatic increases in burial charges – levied by local councils – which are driving up the overall cost of a funeral.
The recent Cost of Dying Report, revealed that cremation fees are up by 51% since 2007. Why are local councils increasing the cost of cremation, well above the rate of inflation, when this is the alternative option to which 75% of families are now turning given the high costs of burial and the pressure on burial space?

Alan Slater, Chief Executive of the National Association of Funeral Directors said: “Surely the Secretary of State should be as concerned about local councils taking advantage of the bereaved, through the huge increases in cremation charges, as they are about councils seeking to increase revenue from parking charges?

“The National Association of Funeral Directors advocates restrictions on what local authorities can charge for burial plots and cremation services to prevent both the current postcode lottery and ensure families have affordable choices in their time of loss.”